Fireworks – How to pick the right ones


For many of us, fireworks have always been a pastime favorite. Most of today’s pyro’s enthusiast were introduced to fireworks as a child. The all time favorites were not the big 500 gram aerial repeater cakes, but the simple extremely loud and powerful M-80’s, Silver Salutes and Cherry Bombs.

Classified as a "Class C" Explosive
M-80’s Once considered the most powerful firecracker available.

Wow, those were the days! The power behind this little gem was astounding. The bang was so loud, it would rattle windows, scare a cat out of a tree, and really piss your neighbors off. M-80’s had a very bad reputation for those who did not like any type of fireworks. But then, what would you expect from a 1/4 stick, right? Due to the danger of this little device, those who disrespect it, lost fingers, hands and even lives. All leaving to banning this gem to keep dangerous fireworks away from incompetent people. All paid for the few peoples mistakes.

Legendary Silver Salutes

Second to the M-80, was this sweet little baby called the Silver Salute. Not the power of the extreme bang of thunder produced by the massive  M-80, but still enough to raise the hair on the back of the neck of your gardener if he was not prepared. Like the M-80, the Silver Salute was waterproof and once the fuse was ignited, it was time to go and go now. In rural areas of the country, mail boxes used to be victims of these rascals. Those who were out of control back in the day, were always getting into mischief with the bigger firecracker items. It got to a point where, teens were blowing up toilets in high schools which eventually lead to these little sweethearts being outlawed. Were they powerful? Absolutely. We they dangerous? In the wrong hands, without any doubt. Again, as with the M-80’s, it only took a few to ruin it for the rest of the responsible individuals who actually ignited the Silver Salutes with responsible care and precautions.

cherry bomb
Cherry Bomb Firecracker

Third, little gem, was the Cherry Bomb firecracker. They looked just like a cherry, but this baby you did not want to eat it. Best practice was to light and run. Not the power of the Silver Salute or the thunderous M-80 firecrackers, but still enough to lose a finger or two. Cherry bombs were widely available and the most popular among most pyro enthusiast back in it days. Far less in cost as its big brothers, but you gave up alot in the performance category as well. As time went on and fingers were removed due to reckless users, cherry bombs eventually joined the crowd of illegal fireworks to sell, purchase or possess. Most people who enjoy fireworks, miss those days. It was always lots of fun and very exciting if you were doing a small backyard fireworks show and “BOOM” one of those ground salutes would go off unexpectedly for the crowd. Always go a chuckle out of the pyro’s who were setting them off.

Moral of the story. Fireworks have been around for generations. Many people have over the years enjoyed the experiences and pleasures being associated with a good fireworks show or presentation. It appears, the only reason fireworks get outlawed is because of simple carelessness. One lack of concern or appreciation for someone else’s property. Those who handle and ignite fireworks properly, get penalized for others wrongdoings or fatal mishaps. Fireworks will be around for generations to come. Practicing safe fireworks practices is the key to avoid accidents and fire with fireworks. Caution should always be used around any fireworks device, even sparklers. Sparklers burn very hot. Their burns can be severe. The metal sticks and create issues that bamboo stick do not. All fireworks devices should be taken very seriously. Keeping your fireworks away from young adults who lack the responsibilities of knowing what is right and wrong. Playing around with fireworks can lead to very serious consequences. All read the labels and follow the directions to a tee. If you using aerial fireworks, distance from people, buildings and trees are all important factors to avoid a mishap. A source for fire control should always be close by. Proper clothing is essential when igniting aerial fireworks. Safety glasses and a hard hat. Even though they are “consumer fireworks”, caution and precaution is still a must. If you like fireworks, but don’t feel confident in lighting your own fireworks off, get someone that knows what and how to do it for you. Most will be glad you asked. For the best fireworks store online, visit us at Have a safe and exciting fireworks display!

Best Place To Watch, 4th of July Fireworks

The best place is where there is no traffic or crowds to fight for the ten to fifteen minute show. You too can avoid the massive traffic jams, and massive crowds. Learn how to attend a “no” hassle  July 4th Fireworks displays.

fireworks pictures 2

Twice a year, fireworks enthusiast come out in droves. When the summer is in full swing, many events in America feature the night fireworks shows. It is fairly simple to search for “fireworks displays near me“, and find an exciting event taking place within a couple of hours drive in most places in the United States. Fireworks in general, have become an expected addition no matter what event you attend. From you local county fairs, all the way into your fall festivals, like the Apple Festivals which take place in most areas where apples are grown and harvested. The most crowded fireworks show are always the 4th of July fireworks displays in your local area. People come from miles around, some come hours early to get the best spots in the house, just to see a fireworks show that may last fifteen minutes at best in most cases. Seems like a lot of hassle for fifteen minutes of entertainment for many people. The better the show, the bigger the crowds. America has become the land of fireworks junkies. fighting for that “premium” spot just to watch the show. Second most popular fireworks displays, are New Years Eve. It’s the party night, with those who ring in the New Year with the sky filled with all sorts of fireworks devices. Many places in America, such as Las Vegas, put tens of thousands of dollars into a show that last less than ten minutes on average. One has to admit, blowing up that much money that quick, is ringing in the New Year. Finding the perfect seat for New Years, really can be a challenge.

The cure for many fireworks enthusiast, it the DIY party host. The neighborhood person who decides that they are no longer going to fight the crowd for such a short time framed show. This person always has the “best seat in the house”, usually right under the stars and stripes as they fill the sky with the fireworks purchases made from their local fireworks stores. Today, more and more people are shopping online for the necessities to produce quality fireworks shows without the stress of fighting the crowded public fireworks displays in their local area. Granted, these are not the big boomers that shake the earth around you, but they can be very enjoyable with the more experienced backyard pyro doing the presentation. Where public displays spend thousands of dollars on a fireworks display, DIY’ers normal spend anywhere from a few thousand dollars down to a few hundred dollars for their enjoyment. The rewards can be far greater with a lot less stress. For the individuals looking for the “best seats in the house”. consider finding out more about how you too can become the neighborhood pyro enthusiast and putting on your own fireworks displays. where everyone has the best seat in the house.

Shopping where you can buy fireworks online, is a great tool for the best fireworks you can buy. The variety for the consumer in today’s fireworks market is unlimited. Depending on where you choose to display your fireworks presentation, will depend on the laws in your area. Some states in the United States allow all types of fireworks, including aerial fireworks similar to the ones used in your town display. No, they are not as big, but when ignited in multiples, the effects can be just as exciting. In just a handful of states, fireworks are not permitted or must be what is called the “safe and sane” class, which normally are the ones that do not leave the ground. We have added a link above to familiarize you to what they consist of. Regardless, of what and where you attend your next fireworks display, always remember, fireworks can be very dangerous. If you looking for the “best seat in the house”, allow yourself plenty of distance between where your located, and the discharge zone. Being really close may not be safe for you or anyone in your party. If your going to shoot your own fireworks show, safety should always be a first priority. Always read the labels and follow the direction on all the fireworks devices you choose to ignite. Never hold “any” fireworks device in your hand other than a sparkler. Always secure devices where a projected items goes into the air. Being safe and practicing safety with fireworks, will assure a great time and a great show. Interested in a fireworks store near me? Fireworks stores that offer “free fireworks shipping” is always a nice feature, normally based on a minimum purchase required to qualify. For the major fireworks enthusiast, you will find lower prices on larger quantities when you buy fireworks online from


Buy Fireworks Online For Less!

When shopping for fireworks, you have so many choices to choose all different items with so many different effects. In today’s shopping environment, fireworks stores online are just a way of life. The shopping experience can be unlimited as well as very rewarding in both what is available and for very reasonable prices. So the biggest question is, “where do we start”?

Keyword searches for certain items will help you narrow down a specific item or a class for which a firework device with fall into. Consumers shopping online for fireworks that they can display on their own would be in the 1.4G category. This is the old fireworks class known to most as “Class C” fireworks. Today, the classifications have changed but the “G” does not mean grams as some expect. Professional fireworks, known as “1.3G” are what is used in the large fireworks displays put on by your city or for large special events, like the 4th of July celebration taking place across America. Consumers cannot order the 1.3G class or the old “Class B” fireworks without special permits and licenses that are required. Those wishing to purchase and use fireworks, should always check the laws and requirements for the area in which you intend to display fireworks items.

Now, on with the buying fireworks online experience. The first stop would be, what exactly are we looking for? Fireworks that are safe and sane? These would be items like, fountains. Today’s fountains have some really cool effects. Neon colors, that spew out like a volcano. Massive crackles, loud and obnoxious. People like the excitement produced by a good high quality fountain. The choices are unlimited in the fountain category, from the small fountains to the massive 500 gram long lasting monsters. Fireworks novelties include snakes, moving tanks, pop snaps and the majority of the inexpensive small items you’ll find that are available online. Sparklers, fall in the safe and sane fireworks category. This category of fireworks items has a wide variety of items to choose from as well. Legal in most states in the United States, you can buy sparklers in various lengths, and different colors. Some like the silver, other like the gold sparklers. For weddings, both silver and gold are very popular. Some places where wedding sparklers are permitted, request you buy the ones with the “bamboo” sticks, so the wires do not end up in the yards, bushes or in the parking lots. Neon sparklers are really cool due to the colors are brighter and more appealing than the plain silver or gold sparkler. One of the hardest to find sparklers, is the 36″ sparkler. It’s very popular in the “something different” category.

For those fireworks shoppers who are looking for the oohs and ahhs, they will be considering buying fireworks that leave the ground or classified as “aerial fireworks”. This is a huge section in the when your buying fireworks online. Some of the items that will fall into this category are, “roman Candles“. The candles today come with many different effects. 5 ball roman candles are the most popular. Some come with crackles, some with “reports” (the bang). 10 ball candles offer basically the same effects, just more of them. The biggest roman candles you can buy, are the massive 200+ shot candles. These are the grand daddies of them all. They are the longest lasting roman candles and have came along way over time. The big candles come with a stick on the bottom to insert in the ground before lighting. Even though you see people holding roman candles in their hands, it’s not a good practice to get into. As always, read and follow the directions on any fireworks device.

Moving on into the “cake” fireworks devices. These have become the most popular among those who are looking for a product where you lite one fuse and have multiple effects or shots going to the air. The least expensive is the “200 Gram Cake“. The online fireworks shopper will find a huge selection of these with all different effects. These are called, multiple shot repeater cakes. The “200 gram cakes” are the smallest in the bunch, but many pack a good wallop. From ones that produce “spinners” rising high in the sky, like the cake known as A.I., this gem needs special attention before igniting. As in most cakes, securing the item can be essential to avoid a mishap. Crackles have been a hit in the United States for years. One cake that comes to mind is called, “Roadtrip“, small but delightful. A great addition to any DIY fireworks display, or as a shoot alone item. So many items to choose from, so many different effects. The 200 gram cake is a must in for any event with fireworks, including a 4th of July fireworks celebration.

Getting into the “500 Gram” multiple shot repeater cakes. It’s a whole new world. The biggest fireworks item consumer may purchase, but also a bit pricey. These are the “meat and potatoes” of the fireworks business. Each cake is unique in its own way. From the effects, to the how long they will last. Some can be only a few seconds, some can last more than a minute with multiple shots continuing the entire time or one right after another. Cakes known to be the “longest lasting fireworks” are like “america’s pastime“, this beauty last over two minutes. Probably not wild and exciting, but is does what it is supposed to do for over two minutes, making it one of the longest lasting fireworks you can buy. If you looking for serious action, with a rapid fire effect that fills the skies, check out “confrontation“. Great for the finale or as a starter cake that rocks. As we get into the different size 500 gram cakes, you will find what is labeled as, 2″ or 3” cakes. These will be either 12 shot cakes with larger spreads in the sky or 9 shot cakes usually used toward the end of your fireworks evening. If your attempting to do a “fireworks finale”, the 3″ high flying, sky filling cake known as “Believe“, is probably one of the best 500 gram fireworks cake the consumer or backyard pyro can buy.

Rounding out the 1.4G fireworks you can buy online, will be in the rockets category. Bottle rockets and been around forever. It’s a loved fireworks item by so many. Inexpensive to buy and adds excitement in fireworks. Finding the cheapest bottle rockets is what it boils down too. Basically, all the same. A device on a stick that you light, usually stock in a bottle. That is where the name came from. It’s a very small item and comes in big quantities, like most are sold by the gross. Sky rockets, these are the larger rockets in there category. The online shopper will find a wide variety of these rockets today. The biggest rockets you can buy, are like the “ring rocket“. The “ring rocket” is usually packed 6 rockets per pack. It’s a device on a long stick that goes up to 300 feet in the air before it ignites to form a ring in the sky. Some type of shoot tube is required to make it perform as intended. One inch PVC works great for the large rockets when you cut it about 18″ to 24″ long and stick it into the ground to secure it from tipping over. So many items to choose from, the online fireworks shopping have an unlimited source to get the best money can buy.

If you’re a quantity buyer of fireworks, here is a source for those who put on their own neighborhood or backyard fireworks displays.

If you’re not into the “doing your own show” stuff or do not qualify for the “free fireworks shipping“, take a look at Shipping is included with all minimum orders, Usually for smaller orders or limited budgets.

Fireworks, Equal or Not?

Getting caught up in the Fireworks $ Giant Safe can be very costly. That fantasy storefront with all those gleaming lights. Videos playing throughout the store as fireworks burst on the screen. As you shop looking for those perfect items, then we look at the prices. Why so expensive? Then we see the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deal and the tension goes down a bit. But, have you every stopped to figure out those Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals? Are they really a deal? Probably not, but it sounds good when you explain it to your friends. The store down the road had a 25 shot cake for 40% less even after you figured out the Buy 1, Get 1 Free Deal. But it’s not the same item, right? Your right, the label is different and that is how the fireworks business works.

While in China at the manufacturing plants, what you will see is items being produced but a variety of different labels being placed on the exact same items. Like, for example, you might see a Phantom Fireworks item and then the same item with a Big Fireworks Label or World Class label on it. Are fireworks equal or not? Well, not all items have the same labels, but you can bet many have the exact same effects with a different label and a different price tag.

Don’t get robbed when shopping for fireworks. Find fireworks stores near me and get way more bangs for your bucks. If you can get “Free Fireworks Shipping” or “No Tax” like “sales tax” or all those “special fireworks taxes” they like to slide in for extra state revenue, you will be much farther ahead.

Happy Shopping!

Be Safe and Follow all labels on all fireworks devices.

Fireworks Stores Near Me

Are all fireworks created equally? Great question, with lots of answers.

This information may help you in becoming a real backyard DIY pyro, or at least educate you on fireworks in general.

excaliburWell there are lots of fireworks out there you can buy with very seductive labels along with many different effects.

So let’s stop the chit chat and get down to real business. Fireworks in general, the 1.4G labeled ones, mainly come for China. The Chinese are the inventors of several components of the necessary product needed to create the end product. The majority of companies in China ship fireworks all over the world. Remember when you’re shopping for fireworks in a store in the United States you will find many different labels and brands. One will say 12 shots under one brand and down the street another will say 12 shots as well but with a different label on it so it not recognizable to the other one. You look at the price and notice in lots of cases the prices are MUCH higher at one store than another. I really hate to break your heart. When in the factories in China, that same product will come down the line and have 15 or 20 different labels pasted on it with the stores name proudly displayed in the market where you are shopping. Is it the same as the product that was half the priced down the street? That very well could be the case. Do they make “knock off” items for certain companies? Absolutely! They may have a little less powder or smaller loads (effects) as the competitors brand.

Fireworks for consumers over time, create a reputation of their own. Even though they change the effects from time to time, the quality stays pretty much consistent. The biggest game in the retail fireworks market is to take a “dog item” and just change the label to boost the sales up on that particular item.

The Fireworks Stores Near Me all sell about the same thing. The only difference is in the pricing of what YOU the consumer has to pay for than 25 seconds of excitement with the flying colors, bangs and big spreads in the sky.

Save time, Save money with “Free Fireworks Shipping”  when you shop online with every minimum order.