Buy Fireworks Online For Less!

When shopping for fireworks, you have so many choices to choose all different items with so many different effects. In today’s shopping environment, fireworks stores online are just a way of life. The shopping experience can be unlimited as well as very rewarding in both what is available and for very reasonable prices. So the biggest question is, “where do we start”?

Keyword searches for certain items will help you narrow down a specific item or a class for which a firework device with fall into. Consumers shopping online for fireworks that they can display on their own would be in the 1.4G category. This is the old fireworks class known to most as “Class C” fireworks. Today, the classifications have changed but the “G” does not mean grams as some expect. Professional fireworks, known as “1.3G” are what is used in the large fireworks displays put on by your city or for large special events, like the 4th of July celebration taking place across America. Consumers cannot order the 1.3G class or the old “Class B” fireworks without special permits and licenses that are required. Those wishing to purchase and use fireworks, should always check the laws and requirements for the area in which you intend to display fireworks items.

Now, on with the buying fireworks online experience. The first stop would be, what exactly are we looking for? Fireworks that are safe and sane? These would be items like, fountains. Today’s fountains have some really cool effects. Neon colors, that spew out like a volcano. Massive crackles, loud and obnoxious. People like the excitement produced by a good high quality fountain. The choices are unlimited in the fountain category, from the small fountains to the massive 500 gram long lasting monsters. Fireworks novelties include snakes, moving tanks, pop snaps and the majority of the inexpensive small items you’ll find that are available online. Sparklers, fall in the safe and sane fireworks category. This category of fireworks items has a wide variety of items to choose from as well. Legal in most states in the United States, you can buy sparklers in various lengths, and different colors. Some like the silver, other like the gold sparklers. For weddings, both silver and gold are very popular. Some places where wedding sparklers are permitted, request you buy the ones with the “bamboo” sticks, so the wires do not end up in the yards, bushes or in the parking lots. Neon sparklers are really cool due to the colors are brighter and more appealing than the plain silver or gold sparkler. One of the hardest to find sparklers, is the 36″ sparkler. It’s very popular in the “something different” category.

For those fireworks shoppers who are looking for the oohs and ahhs, they will be considering buying fireworks that leave the ground or classified as “aerial fireworks”. This is a huge section in the when your buying fireworks online. Some of the items that will fall into this category are, “roman Candles“. The candles today come with many different effects. 5 ball roman candles are the most popular. Some come with crackles, some with “reports” (the bang). 10 ball candles offer basically the same effects, just more of them. The biggest roman candles you can buy, are the massive 200+ shot candles. These are the grand daddies of them all. They are the longest lasting roman candles and have came along way over time. The big candles come with a stick on the bottom to insert in the ground before lighting. Even though you see people holding roman candles in their hands, it’s not a good practice to get into. As always, read and follow the directions on any fireworks device.

Moving on into the “cake” fireworks devices. These have become the most popular among those who are looking for a product where you lite one fuse and have multiple effects or shots going to the air. The least expensive is the “200 Gram Cake“. The online fireworks shopper will find a huge selection of these with all different effects. These are called, multiple shot repeater cakes. The “200 gram cakes” are the smallest in the bunch, but many pack a good wallop. From ones that produce “spinners” rising high in the sky, like the cake known as A.I., this gem needs special attention before igniting. As in most cakes, securing the item can be essential to avoid a mishap. Crackles have been a hit in the United States for years. One cake that comes to mind is called, “Roadtrip“, small but delightful. A great addition to any DIY fireworks display, or as a shoot alone item. So many items to choose from, so many different effects. The 200 gram cake is a must in for any event with fireworks, including a 4th of July fireworks celebration.

Getting into the “500 Gram” multiple shot repeater cakes. It’s a whole new world. The biggest fireworks item consumer may purchase, but also a bit pricey. These are the “meat and potatoes” of the fireworks business. Each cake is unique in its own way. From the effects, to the how long they will last. Some can be only a few seconds, some can last more than a minute with multiple shots continuing the entire time or one right after another. Cakes known to be the “longest lasting fireworks” are like “america’s pastime“, this beauty last over two minutes. Probably not wild and exciting, but is does what it is supposed to do for over two minutes, making it one of the longest lasting fireworks you can buy. If you looking for serious action, with a rapid fire effect that fills the skies, check out “confrontation“. Great for the finale or as a starter cake that rocks. As we get into the different size 500 gram cakes, you will find what is labeled as, 2″ or 3” cakes. These will be either 12 shot cakes with larger spreads in the sky or 9 shot cakes usually used toward the end of your fireworks evening. If your attempting to do a “fireworks finale”, the 3″ high flying, sky filling cake known as “Believe“, is probably one of the best 500 gram fireworks cake the consumer or backyard pyro can buy.

Rounding out the 1.4G fireworks you can buy online, will be in the rockets category. Bottle rockets and been around forever. It’s a loved fireworks item by so many. Inexpensive to buy and adds excitement in fireworks. Finding the cheapest bottle rockets is what it boils down too. Basically, all the same. A device on a stick that you light, usually stock in a bottle. That is where the name came from. It’s a very small item and comes in big quantities, like most are sold by the gross. Sky rockets, these are the larger rockets in there category. The online shopper will find a wide variety of these rockets today. The biggest rockets you can buy, are like the “ring rocket“. The “ring rocket” is usually packed 6 rockets per pack. It’s a device on a long stick that goes up to 300 feet in the air before it ignites to form a ring in the sky. Some type of shoot tube is required to make it perform as intended. One inch PVC works great for the large rockets when you cut it about 18″ to 24″ long and stick it into the ground to secure it from tipping over. So many items to choose from, the online fireworks shopping have an unlimited source to get the best money can buy.

If you’re a quantity buyer of fireworks, here is a source for those who put on their own neighborhood or backyard fireworks displays.

If you’re not into the “doing your own show” stuff or do not qualify for the “free fireworks shipping“, take a look at Shipping is included with all minimum orders, Usually for smaller orders or limited budgets.